The philosophy and daily maxime of our sevices:
Dissolving the Boundaries of Art History

Within the range of our services are

Appraisals,  certification, Evaluation

In particular:
Art-historical analysis
Forensic research
Provenance research
Advisory for the purchase and sale of art
Evaluation and estimation of art-estates
Evaluation and estimation of important architectural objects and realisation
Inventory documentation, catalogue production
Exhibition organisation, public relations
Consulting and organisation of art projects
cultural management and consulting for companies and public institutions
Sponsoring (concept, realisation)
Security consultation for exhibition, transport, insurance
Protection and conservation of art

We try to optimise our services by:
interdisciplinary co-operation with international scholars and researchers, gallerists, fine-art dealers, auctioneers, contacts to media sales representatives and cultural institutions, connections to the artists.


Documentation serves an accurate description of the artwork or in total of the collection. According to objective criteria and with consideration of international standards the individual works of art will be photographed, measured, if neccessary weighed, and all the apparently ascertainable characteristics will be described: techniques, statement of damages, findings of a signature, a monogram, indication of stamps and other references. If necessary, a first art-historical classification willbe added. Interview with the client can deliver additional a number of information about provenance, earlier restorations or the collectors intention, changes or extensions.

On the basis of the documentation the evaluation or scientific treatment can take place. The performance can cover beside the text production and photography as well as layout and printing support. Publication of monographies, stocktakings and lists of works will appear as a hand-copy or can be published.

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