"Authentic or fake?"

The risk to acquire a forgery is relatively high even for the experienced collector. It makes absolutely sense to specialise and to put main focuses on certain collective areas, to know genuineness criteria and forgery methods, to use advice by experts and media and, above all, to optimise the own visual experience with objects of art.
On the other hand, authentic works of great cultural importance sometimes are not recognised by some experts in specific positions of power despite of clear circumstances. This is not only a capital abatement in every individual case, but, and that is more important, it is also a distortion of our cultural heritage and a crime against mankind.


The unique concept of ArtExpert over four decades is to connect arthistorical and forensic research.

The arthistorical analyis itself is based on a common view to realise, that a piece of art is at the same time a material product, a historical document of its time and a concrete philosophical expression of its creator. Each analyis is a conclusion of general view, specific research and material definition.

The whole circumference of the scientifically analysis by ArtExpert encloses:

* Definition of the state
* Definition of old restoration
* Forensic analysis of materiales and technic
* Arthistorical and foernsic dating
* Preparation and controlling of restoration
* Conservation controlling of the place

The following procedures are applied in detail for the analyses:

* Examination in stripe light
* Examination in ultraviolet light
* Cross section production of tests
* Microanalysis
* Histochemical proof procedure
* Metallographical eximination
* Radiography
* Computer tomography
* Photography in reflected ultraviolet light
* Fluorescence-photography in ultraviolet light
* Infrared photography in black and white and in colour
* Infrared reflectograpy
* Thermoluminescence
* Dendrochronology
* Radio carbon dating (C14)

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