Fundraising makes philanthropy possible.Philanthropy has always been a social occupation.The advantages of philanthropy are many: first off, it allows people to help others in need, and gives the philanthropist satisfaction in knowing that they are giving to a cause (or causes) that they hold dear.

Fundraising is a significant way for non-profit organisations to obtain donations for their operations and projects. ArtExpert is specialised in art n’ culture fundraising consult. Supporting the arts,  corporations and the public believe that engagement with the arts increase creativity and assists in the intellectual development. Arts develop empathy and understanding; and help reduce alienation.

Depending from your national law up to 20% of annual income and in addition every 10 years up to one (single) or two million EUR (couples) may be tax deductible. ArtExpert can inform about the best ways for endowments and donations to appropriate charitable foundations - even in the European context and as well in the USA, Japan and in China.


The achievement encloses also the concept, running advice, planning and realisation of sponsoring. Main task of sponsoring is the increase of a positive recognition for companies or general projects. It is a fact, that sponsoring in the arts lead to multiple results, which have a deep effectiveness.

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