Mysteries of the art market

At no time art was really independent. To develop art and culture it need economic conditions. Even the lack of it is just the proof of this maxime. Of course quality, with the essential values idea and technic, is an important criterion. But economic conditions push and control the way of participation. Anyway, artmarket is the economic system to handle art from A to B and to determine its economical value. The global art market can also be confusing and opaque, but providing enormous opportunities - both for buyers and sellers.

In general there exist few well-known ways to participate the art market:

  • Artist to gallerist, collector, museum
  • Gallerist /artdealer to collector, museum
  • Artdealer/gallerist to artdealer
  • Collector/artdealer to auction house
  • Auction house to collector, artdealer, museum
  • and, last but not least: art brokerage from private source

Art brokerage is the most efficient way to negotiate art.
Art Brokerage allows the direct purchase of art without trading premiums, for example as
a private-to-private act.

ArtExpert guarantees an independent review with evaluation and ensures a safe process.


The best concept to purchase/sale of artworks is to create economical profit and subjective visual benefit. A second point is get a sence for future values besides mainstream. A further substantial aspect is the use of the tax system to realize philantropic aims, to reduce tax and even to get more profits. Differentiation of individual evaluation and estimation, investmentn in new art segments or whole-sale-effects are real interesting as well as the possibility to buy or sell tax neutral in global markets.


To prepare new purchases it is essentially to pursue the market development. To get a favourable purchase it will be the best way to buy anticyclically instead of this, what is currently..Find out your best time to start a collection. We support you.